Saturday, 12 April 2014

mission started

'sory sory'
'kene hack'
'budak2 ni pegang fon tadi' 

???? *blurr
hp kt tgn d pndg sekilas
dgn bag d bahu knn..
fail2 d tgn kiri..
wani,husna membuntuti d blkg
we are rushing to go to the library 
' Sumaiyah, kau dibunuh didunia sementara, untuk hidup disyurga yang selama lamanya. i nak kenal you boleh? you ni comel la. jantung i berdegup kencang pabila melihat wajah you yang comel tu. i suka you'

what??? haha...*senyum..
oo kna hack..*buat bodo
mdm da mnunggu lam kls..we're late..

as we enter the class..of course kna dok blkg..tgn da sejuk..ta tau knp..and kat sblh sne..u tgh melambai?? da knp?? i buat bodo..byk kali..i prsn je, tp buat2 ta nmpk..u ta puas hti..suddenly wani cuit i and...

"sorry..sorry tau.."
senyum..hmm :)"it's ok"

"ok you guys are going to do practice speaking and...." 
mak aii..lg sojuk ahh tgh den..relax arh group last kutt..ngee..

as the class ended..someone's singing lagu sumaiyah by hijjaz..what da?? my cheeks become the victim of red colour..blushing...........  

otw na trun from lvl 2 to lvl 1..u kat tgga bwh 

"eh sorry tau..kna hack tdi"
"'s ok..spe yg hack?"
"ada la..mne bleyh gtau"
"syafiq eh?"
" la"

*i miss that moment..


today our class are going to do practice speaking again...
and our group must debate with senior girl group..
and our topic is 'KPOP' i don't remember what is the exact title..

as kteorg group last..korg sume da bleyh relax2..and mmg nasib kteorg kna ngadap the whole class *group senior dpt chopp tmpt yg ta yah ngadap kls..T_T ta aci...

oo..mntg2 i minat kpop..and tjuk kpop plak yg i take it as a point to usik i ek?? taufiq plak siap rakam lgi?? what da hell??

it's our group time..

luckily our mdm tu baik habis..bapakkk sporting..
isi i punya la byk ats krts..when the time come for me to speak, dgn smgt berkobar-kobar na citer isi.....sepatah dua perkataan je yg terkeluar dpd mulut..

lutut ngn tgn da mcm kna penyakit parkinson..pipi da merah mcm pki blusher..jantung mcm na tercampak keluar..bilik yg panas ta ber'aircond'tu tetiba rssejuk mcm dok dlm igloo..

you, syafiq and taufiq ta abis2 i agkt kpl na pndg muka debator..mata i setentang dgn mata u..mana tak nya if u sit behind them and directly straight forward to me...haa..what a bad boys la you guys..!! rrr...

at last..until at the end of the debate..i can't talk and sikit pon ta agkt are the bad boy ever la abg luqman!!!!!!

sesi comment mengomen pun started..

"sumaiyah, why you din't talk??" *mdm da tnye tu..

"i'm sorry madam..someone is disturbing me and make me feel nervous until i could not even speak" *even to lift up my head pon cannot..huuu~

amik ko laju je aq bls..penangan ta dpt bcakap dlm debate td

"it's ok will do better in speaking test right??

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

our story..

one day..when we have a class at the library..madam told me that she want us to watching a, as a class representative at that time..i think that's my responsibility to take care of that thing..

so, i went back to mahallah to take my laptop..
as i enter the class..i am very exhausted of course...dgn lelah yg ta hilg lg..i duduk smbil mgibas tgn ke muka krn kepanasan..and suddenly mdm said "Luqman, you should (kipas) sumaiyah.." 

*mdm is speaking with him in english of course but i forget that term..ngehehe

"ahh..oh come here (he asked me to sit behind him) Sumaiyah i will help you (tlong kibas).."

and the whole classes are laughing at do i bcoz i don't really understand..haha.. *blurr
but i know you were joking...bcoz you are that type..haha

and ya know what..mdm always like..mengusik u and i..
i don't understand and don't know since when and 'cause of what thing she did that..*erkk paham ak..

one more thing that i notice that one day, you are trying to help me with the quest that i can't answer..and i was the last person to answer the quest...thanks for helping but..the answer was stated in the paper as an exmple..and i can't use it..haha..btw, i appreciate it..


*class at the library

we were asked to do an essay assignment..everyone can choose whether to do it in that room or at the reading area..bcoz the aircond in the room was broken..many of our classmates prefer to go do you..but not me..                

suddenly madam came to me "Sumaiyah..can you do me a favour? can you fill up this form (speaking test form) bcoz i don't have your class list name..and the boys group are too many, and not balance, and i need to send it to the department by 4 p.m. today.."

and i have to talk to you as you are the manager of group one which is the ............ group..hehe

and you are very manyak songeh..and sgt payah paham ap org na ckp..don't know la wheter u sgj or ngada2..haha *bkn sme ke tu??
i have to explain many time that one of your group member must go to the other group (girl group)..seb baik kwn u ad kat c tu tlong trgkan balik..

and you decided that you will go to the girl group..*wow sggup brkoban apa saja..haha

and suddenly you asked me.."knp ta ikut list name je??"

"madam mmg na ikut list she doesn't have it..mdm miza didn't give it to her.." *we also doesn't want to follow the list name or not...

but you and taufiq were arguing it with me..and then you guys decided to borrow miss mira's list name..i da larang u but u ta dgr..and you just go pinjam the list name..sambil buat muka toya?? *what da?? haha

"wei, nangis sumaiyah nanti. eii..luqman ni.." suddenly kwn u back up i..and yes bcoz you are that just  blah..smbil buat muka cute..again??

after you and taufiq blah, i ran to my group and asked them to fill up the form quickly..  "wei korg cpt isi nama and num matric sblom abg luqman balik sini bwk list name.." and dyorg cpt2 isi..haha *pity you

at that time when i kat blkg, tggu dyorg isi form tu, u and taufiq ad kat dpn sana bru naik with the list name.. *ok rs serba salah

when i want to go to the room which the rest of them are there..i need to lalu dpn u..and it's time for me to make the toya face..haha *perghh hancus bhs..

you were calling out my name but i didn't answer you..and suddenly i'm running away from you.. *know what?? i didn't know that actually you were chasing after me..husna told me that..

*what dare you main kejar2 dgn i?? malu dowh org2 kat luar mesti pndg..perghh..library tu kott na wat drama pon..

to be continued...

Friday, 4 April 2014

this blog is mine?? muahaha

salam..cer teka spe ni??
jeng jeng jeng

for the first..yeah of course i know are mr.president..and my classmate admire you..not one but two of them..

and i guess there are many type of them..haha
i just know you as a president..i don't ever care who you are..
until...the s3217, the first time where we met as a classmate..

yes you are that type...bad boy of course..
suka menyakat i dlm kls..the first thing that i remember, was it on my first presentation?? presenting how to make an origami heart..after the presentation ended..i told the audition that we can wrote some quote on it and give it to your friends..can also be a bookmark..

when it's ended..suddenly you asked..

"can i give this origami heart to my girlfriend?"
 the whole class were laughing at you..and madam also said that..

"haha..i'm afraid that you might ask, can i give this origami heart to you..." haha..what a bad boy are you..

to be continued.....

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

salam girls..
and again umaiy's here..

i wanna to apologize IF i can make it for
our big reunion..

actually i'm applying a job here as a part timer
at our college office during our sem-break..

but i don't know if it is accepted or not..
i'm forming just in case..

you guys got what i mean right??

haha..ok..till then 

#sorry,my english are really BAD!! T_T

Friday, 28 March 2014

assalamualaikum girls....
umaiy in the house..i'm just typing here..
don't know whether someone would read this story..

i'm very jealous because i can't be there with the girls that are already NINETEEN..
i'm very sad not to be with ya guys..
but i am very happy to see ya guys are happy..

feeling like i wanna cry right now..haha
with mya punya blog background music..
like seriously i'm missing you guys so badly..

last but not least..
please miss me...
please love me..
please remember me in your du'a 









*sayang korang ketat2 lillahi taala...

caption : miss sunbfd....T_T
are you guys ok?? sihat ke??

do you guys miss me??
because i'm missing all of you so badly

Sunday, 23 March 2014

yo..lama gilak ta bkak blog..

rindu sunbfd gilak-gilak bahh.. are you doing girls...fine??
alhamdulillah...haha don't know what else to say..
bogo shipda..saranghae chingus...ngee

Friday, 14 March 2014


Assalamualaikum !

Sunbfd sekaliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn, dah setahun blog ni terabai.
Bila cik yah post dkt group tanya pasal cara nak bukak, baru teringat. hehheh.

Sooo, korang semua acanoo? Harap sihat laa blako deh. 
Rindu semuaaa :D

Nah, some pictures. 


Na iz on the phone dgn mak dio lps jawab exam final sem 1 xD

ready for backpacking to Penang.

Fihifzillah semua!

myamaira :]